Foot Care Tips for Winter Weather

We don’t have to be three feet deep in snow in order for us to feel cold in the winter!  In Northeast Florida, our winters are often thought to be characterized by “penetrating” cold temperatures.  Cold and damp weather conditions can literally get under our skin…especially the skin on our feet!   When it’s cold outside, our bodies maintain a constant body temperature by moving blood away from our extremities.  As a result, our toes go from being very cold to being numb when we are out in the elements for a long length of time.  This can be very dangerous for children, the elderly, diabetics, and anyone with circulation issues.


When your feet are cold, damp, and miserable, just about every other body part feels the same way.  So here’s how you can protect your feet from the winter elements…

  • Choose the right socks for the activity and the weather.  Thick, wicking socks are appropriate for keeping your feet warm and dry.  Make sure they are not too tight.
  • Wear comfortable fitting shoes or boots.  They should be waterproof and roomy enough to accommodate thicker socks.
  • If your feet are overexposed to cold and damp conditions, soak them in warm (not hot!) water to let them gradually get back to a normal temperature.  They should never be put near a flame or heating pad.  Dry your feet completely after soaking.
  • Dry skin can be a problem during the winter months.   Stay hydrated, and use a hydrating lotion or cream on your feet.
  • Always have an extra pair of dry socks on hand.
  • If you are a senior citizen or have medical conditions that affect the feet, visit Dr. Burmeister regularly.  He will provide you with tips and treatment appropriate for your personal health needs.
  • And you know those cute fuzzy socks that are in the back of your sock drawer?  They are more than just colorful… they’re warm!  So wear them inside the house for an extra layer of warmth.

Whether you pack up and trek to the snowy slopes or have a North Florida stay-cation, keep your feet warm, dry, and protected.   However, if you do experience problems due to exposure or winter injury,   Dr. Jeffrey Burmeister, DPM, and his experienced staff are ready to help you determine treatment options that will get your feet back to feeling warm and healthy.  Schedule an appointment by completing an online appointment request at  or by calling (904) 765-8889.