Cold Weather Foot Care

It’s not too early to learn about caring for your feet in cold weather.  When the weather is cold, blood moves away from your toes so that a constant body temperature is maintained.  Exercising the feet gets your blood to circulate to them.  Otherwise, swelling and dryness can increase.  When your feet get too cold or numb, a WARM water soak will help slowly allow them to return to normal.  Do not use hot water or a heating pad.  Do not prop them near a heater or fireplace.

Cold weather is harsh on skin.  If your feet are not properly cared for, the rough and dry skin may crack.  Cracked skin can bleed, become infected, and lead to complications.  Moisturize your feet daily, and exfoliate the skin on your feet at least once a week using a foot file on dry feet.  After bathing or showering, rinse and dry your feet before checking and trimming your toenails.  Afterward, apply foot cream or foot lotion.  Putting on socks will complete the process.

Thick socks and weather-appropriate shoes are essential when you are outdoors in cold weather.  You may choose to wear two pairs of socks to keep your feet extra warm or wicking socks to keep them dry.  Boots are great cold weather shoes.  Just make sure they have enough room to accommodate the thick socks.  Take off your shoes and socks when you come inside to let your feet and shoes dry.  Socks should be washed before wearing them again.

It is important to take care of your feet on a daily basis.  Diabetics need to take extra care by doing visual inspections to check for problems.  If cold weather gets the better of your feet, schedule an appointment with

Dr. Jeffrey Burmeister, DPM, and his experienced staff by calling (904) 765-8889 or by completing an online appointment request at .